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Mosque Name: Rabadha Town and Mosque

Country: Saudi Arabia

City: Rabadha

Year of construction (AD): 800-899

Rabadha Mosque 1

GPS: 24.631142 41.290238

Gibson Classification: Between

Rabadha Mosque Area C

GPS: 24.632400 41.289835

Gibson Classification: Unknown


This site is an early Islamic city situated on the pilgrimage route running between Al-Kufa in Iraq and Mecca. It lies about 200 km east of Medina. Twenty years of excavation on the site have revealed a very well developed city consisting of large houses with huge fortified walls, watchtowers, and the remains of mosques, pottery kilns, stone-working factories, jewelry, and two large reservoirs of different shapes.

The Area C mosque dates from 801. Dated by soapstone vessels on the surface of the site, glass on the surface of the site, copper-alloy objects on the surface of the site. The mosque is 20.15 x 22.75 meters. It has a semicircular mihrab.

Mosque 1 is about 9 x 12 meters and faces about 310 degrees. Gibson classifies this as Between.

Note the large cistern on the right.

Note the large cistern on the right.

The ruins of Rabadha

The ruins of Rabadha

Note the square columns.

Note the square columns.

The large cistern

The large cistern


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