Mosque Name: Suliman Estakhr Mosque

Country: Persepolis

City: Estakhr

GPS: 29.979923 52.910150

Original Qibla: Unknown


The archaeological area of Estakhr, 5 km north of Persepolis, consists of a large town enclosed by walls with rounded towers, whose remains are still discernible. It includes the remains of a large mosque, with a column. It was partly excavated in the 1930s by E.F. Schmidt and E. Herzfeld, but their researches were never fully published (E. Herzfeld, Archaeological History of Iran, London 1935; Id., Iran in the Ancient Near East, London - New York 1941; E.F. Schmidt, The Treasury of Persepolis and Other Discoveries in the Homeland of the Achaemenians, Chicago 1939; Id., Flights over Ancient Cities of Iran, Chicago 1940).

The 2012 Estakhr Archaeological Project addressed the understanding of the complexity of the archaeological area of the town and its surroundings, as well as at an in-depth investigation of a sector within the city walls. This included archaeological and topographic surveys, and the realization of an archaeological map of the site, furthermore, in the chosen urban sector, digital terrain modeling, geo-physical investigation, the excavation of a test trench, and the preliminary study of the finds.

The excavation, uncovered a large paved street with an underneath sewer, and on the east side, the test trench was set out from the qibla wall of the mosque where a small door was detected during the topographic survey. This secondary access to the mosque suggests a possibly significant connection with the area behind it encompassed by our investigations; it could be the passage between the mosque and a madrasa.

Courtesy of Maria Vittoria Fontana and A. Blanco, Sapienza University of Rome

Courtesy of Maria Vittoria Fontana and A. Blanco, Sapienza University of Rome

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