Mosque Name: Qasr Aseikhin Mosque

Country: Jordan

City: Desert Castle

Year of construction (AH): unknown

Year of construction (AD): 8th century

GPS: 31°56’46.14"N 36°57’6.91"E

Original Qibla: Mecca

Rebuilt facing Mecca:


This Qasr is located north-east of Azraq in a remote part of Jordan, on the top of a hill. It sits atop a steep, prominent limestone hill with a basalt cap, which is visible from quite a distance. However, the hill on which the Qasr stands was used by the Nabataeans in the first century AD and then by Roman occupation. The Qasr was built over the Roman/Nabataean ruins and does not appear to adhere to any Qibla.

The site is in poor condition, and has been severely damaged by looters who seem to have used bulldozers to search for treasure. The Qasr is made of dark stone and can be seen in the photos below. (top right corner). There is an external mosque with a mihrab, plus two entrances from the north and east sides, and the remains of minaret alongside the end east wall. (Creswell) This external mosque has a Mecca Qibla but Cresell claimed that the mosque shows evidence of being reconstructed.



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