Mosque Name: erash Umayyad Mosque

Country: Jordan

City: Jerash

Year of construction (AH): unknown

Year of construction (AD): 7th century

GPS: 32°16’44.96"N 35°53’28.71"E

Original Qibla: Petra

Rebuilt facing Mecca: Never


Excavations have revealed that this mosque was constructed by making use of building materials from the earlier Roman remains and architectural features of a Roman villa which once stood in its place. Not much remains of this mosque. There is some ground level pavement, bits of the first course of the columned inner courtyard, a niche still standing in situ around 1.5 m high, and some column drums which survived the earthquake in 749 AD. (Zayadine, 2000) This mosque faces Petra within 5.02° error. It is not aligned to the surrounding Roman road system, but has its own particular Qibla.



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