Mosque Name: Jami’a al-Abwab al Thalathah

Country: Tunisia

City: Kairouan

Year of construction (AH): 252 AH

Year of construction (AD): 866 AD

GPS: GPS Coordinates: 35°40’44.01"N 10° 6’13.66"E


Original Qibla: Parallel

Rebuilt facing Mecca: never


The Mosque of the Three Doors, previously known as the Mosque of ibn Khayrun, was colloquially named after the three portals located along its famed west elevation. Its elaborate public entry is the oldest extant decoratively carved facade in the Islamic world, rendering the otherwise modest structure extremely significant to the modern study of North African architectural arts. The mosque was constructed during the ninth century AD (third century AH) under the Aghlabid dynasty ruling Ifriqiya, the coastal region comprising modern day Tunisia, western Libya, and eastern Algeria. The structure underwent a major renovation sponsored by the Hafsids during the fifteenth century AD (ninth century AH). Like the other North African mosques, this mosque has a qilba that points south at 155.5 degrees.







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