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Mosque: Ruqayya Mosque and Shrine

Name: Country: Syria

City: Damascus

Year of construction (AH): 81-183

Year of construction (AD): 700-800

GPS: 33.513483 36.307032

Gibson Classification: Between

Rebuilt facing Mecca: never


This is the shrine of Ruqayya. who was also known as Sukaynah, the daughter of Al-Husayn, the granddaughter of Ali and Fatima, who was the daughter of the prophet Muhammad. Shia Muslims commemorate the Battle of Karbala (680 CE / 61 AH AH). After this battle and the torturous journey to Damascus that followed it, Sukaynah died at the age of four in Yazid’s prison, where her body was originally buried. (Syria”. Retrieved 2023-09-16.) Years later, (about upon the flooding of her gravesite, her grave was reopened and her body was moved to the site where the Masjid now stands.

In 1985 a mosque was built around the old mausoleum and everything was decorated with Iranian style mirror and gold It is a large structure and many pilgrims and tourists visit it.

Cairo Mosque

There is also a Mausoleum or Tomb of Sayyida Ruqayya in Cairo. It is a 12th-century Islamic religious shrine and mosque, erected in 1133 CE as a memorial to Ruqayya bint Ali. It is dated from an inscription made in 527 AH / 1133 CE. It is one of the few and most important Fatimid-era mausoleums preserved in Cairo today.

Although the shrine is designed like a tomb, Ruqqaya bint Ali herself is most likely not buried here, as other historical sources report that she was buried in Damascus. (Williams, Caroline (1985). “The Cult of ʿAlid Saints in the Fatimid Monuments of Cairo Part II: The Mausolea”. Muqarnas. 3: 39–60. doi:10.23071523083. ISSN 0732-2992. Yeomans, Richard (2006). The Art and Architecture of Islamic Cairo. Garnet Publishers. p. 65.)

In Pakistan, it is believed that her commemorative mausoleum is Bibi Pak Daman, located in Lahore. (Zaidi, Noor (2014). ““A Blessing on Our People”: Bibi Pak Daman, Sacred Geography, and the Construction of the Nationalized Sacred”. The Muslim World. 104 (3): 306–335. doi:10.1111/muwo.12057.)

Satellite image: Notice the size.

Satellite image: Notice the size.

The outside of the mosque

The outside of the mosque

Decorations from the interior

Decorations from the interior

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