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Mosque Name: Mosque of the Prophet or Masjid at-Tawba

Country: Saudi Arabia

City: Tabuk

Year of construction (AH): Unknown (700-750)

Year of construction (AD): Unknown (87-132)

GPS: 28.384038 36.557633

Original Qibla: 173 (Between)

Rebuilt facing Mecca: Never


The Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad supposedly stands on the place where the prophet prayed during his expedition to the town in November/December 630. This expedition was made after the Byzantines defeated the Muslims at the battle of Mu’ta in 629.

The present mosque at Tabuk was bilt by His Late Mejesty King Faysal in 1974. It is larger than the previous mosque on this site, of which several photographs still exist. However, the previous mosque was not ancient, having been built in 1907, and seen by visiting Francisan fathers, as well as H. St. J. Philby in 1951. The mosque is close to a Turkish fort, built to guard the old Hejaz railway.

The modern mosques all faced the between position, so although the early mosque’s orientation is not known, one might assume that it also faced the Between Qibla, qhich would have been copied from renovation to renovation.

Inside the mosque

Inside the mosque

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