City: Tunisia

Year of construction (AH): 850

Year of construction (AD): 236

GPS: 34.735887° 10.760843°


Original Qibla: Parallel


The Great Mosque of Sfax is the first mosque established in the historic city of Sfax, Tunisia. It dates back to the same year of the construction of the city wall which is in 849/850. It was built during the Aghlabid rule of Ifriqiya in the 9th-century which served as a vassal state of the Abbasid Caliphate. The mosque was specifically commissioned during the period of Imam Sahnoun, a Maliki jurist from Kairouan. The mosque is located in the center of the ancient city of Sfax and occupies the very center of it, which made the layout of the city of Sfax very similar to the planning of Kufa, one of the first Islamic cities. Since its construction, it has been surrounded by the most important production centers and markets in the city, and continues to maintain its economic value to this day.

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