Mosque Name: Kashan Solatani Mosque and Madrasa

Country: Iran

City: Kashan

Year of construction (AH):

Year of construction (AD):

GPS: 33.982860° 51.447866°


Original Qibla: 255.2 (Petra)

Rebuilt facing Mecca: never


Madrasa-i Sultani is a madrasa and mosque complex located in the heart of Kashan, just off its main bazaar street. Fath-Ali Shah Qajar ( 1797-1834/1212-1250 AH) commissioned the mosque to be built in 1807/1221 AH, and it was completed by 1814/1229 AH, according to an inscription on site.

This mosque is also known as the Shah mosque, and is a remnant of the Qajar period . The courtyard of the mosque is 61 x 47 sq. m. read more on which has a pool in the center. The mosque has three large entrances. The northern entrance has an arched ceiling, adorned with plaster and tile works. copyright On the entrance door is a saying from the Prophet Mohammad. The date 1291 AH. can also be noted on the inscription. The Soltani Mosque of Borujerd is one of the active centers of theology in Iran. The mosque has 16 chambers with carved doors , each one is a master-piece of architecture. There is an engraving in the southern porch dating to the reign of Fath Ali Shah Qajar. This inscription reveals that during the rule of Mohammad Taqi Mirza Hessam - ol - Saltaneh, bakers were exempted from paying tax. copyright This mosque is the most important mosque of Lurestan province due to the fact of it being one of the historical and ancient mosques, and also because of its architecture. read more on The Late Ayatollah Borujerdi, who was the spiritual leader of the Shiite sect worldwide, was a teacher of theology in this seat of learning. .

The orientation of this mosque may have been copied from other mosques, or else it could have originated with an earlier mosque on the site.


The mosque

The mosque

The Madrasa

The Madrasa

Madrasa courtyard

Madrasa courtyard

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