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Mosque Name: al-Mābiyyāt Mosque

Country: Saudi Arabia

City: al-Mābiyyāt

Year of construction (AD): 800-899

GPS: 26.503742 38.053196

Gibson Classification: Between


Date of the mosque according to writings, Luster Ware sherds from the site, the 9th-10th century, Chinese ceramics from the site, the 10th century, soapstone vessels from the site, 750-900, Fatimid copper coins from the site, the 10th-11th century. There is a Qibla wall with a mihrab.

Mabiyyat from the air.

Mabiyyat from the air.


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Almaiql, Khalil bin Ibrahim, 2011. “Report on the Excavations at Qurh Site (al-Mabiyyat) Second Season, 1426/2005”, Atlal 21: 38-62.

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