Mosque Name: Dehistan

Country: Turmenistan

City: Dehistan

Year of construction (AH): 184-286

Year of construction (AD): 800-899

GPS: 38.266425 54.621741

Gibson Classification: Unknown


Dehistan/Mishrian was the principal city of Western Turkmenistan from the 9th to the 14th centuries. Located on a major caravan route from Gurgan in northern Iran to Khorezm, its finest bnildings were constructed by the Khorezmshahs. Major surviving monuments include parts of a minaret built by Abu Bini Ziyard in 1004/5 and another built 200 years later, which formed part of the mosque of Muhammad Khorezmshah: this still has a superbly decorated portal, 18 m. high. The city was strongly fortified with a double row of walls and occupied c. 200 hectares: it declined and was abandoned in the 1 5th century.

Dehistan from a distance.

Dehistan from a distance.

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