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The Sacred City - in multiple languages:

(21 videos) This 90 minute full-feature documentary film explores the founding of Islam. (2016) Dan Gibson introduces new discoveries about the origins of Islam. This film is available in over twenty languages and has been seen by millions of people. Beutifully filmed in the Middle East, Dan Gibson takes the viewers to where he thinks Islam was founded, and it isn’t in Saudi Arabia!

2023 Videos:

(10 videos) Videos from 2023

Qibla Story:

(7 videos) This series of seven videos by Dan Gibson tells the story of the Islamic Qibla, or direction of prayer. The Qibla Story - Intro - Why did the first Qibla face Petra? The Between Qiblas - What and why of this strange phenomena. Why did General Hajjaj build all his mosques facing a very strange direction? The China Factor - What is the history of Muslims in China and what did they think of the Qibla issue?

The Jay Show:

(0 videos) Jay Smith interviews Dan Gibson and Chad Doell (in 2023)

Archeology and Islam:

(30 videos) This series of over 20 videos explores many topics relating to the founding of Islam. Dan Gibson visits the focal point of the first Qibla and discovers the original Ka’ba. He then explores topics lie Zamzam, the Battle of Badr, pre-Islamic gods, worship and pilgrimage. Gibson also explores the archeology of early nomads like Abraham, Moses, and others. He takes a look at the archeology of the early prophets, and speaks of Hud and Salih.

Questions and Answers:

(22 videos) Dan Gibson answers questions from viewers related to Archeology and Islam.

Navigation and the Qibla:

(7 videos) How did the early Muslims set the Qibla direction for their mosques? This video series explores some of the knowledge and abilities that were available at the time.

Answering Critics:

(17 videos) Dan Gibson answers his critics. This includes a 6 video series answering the challenges of Dr. King who ridicules Gibson’s proposals.

Biblical Studies:

(4 videos) Videos that focus on Biblical topics. Biblical History, Questions and Answers, Theology, Discipleship, Systematic Studies through various books of the Bible, Spiritual Growth topics, and more.

Talking with Dan Gibson Series:

(27 videos) Dan Gibson introduces the books he has written, speaks about himself, his research, updates on his activities, finances and Patreon, and the Qibla Tool. This series of videos also includes interviews with Dr. Radsikowski, Bob the Builder, Hatan Tash, Al-Maidah, and others.

Other Interesting Videos:

(45 videos) A collection of other videos related to the founding of Islam, history, Arabia, the Nabataeans, Christianity, and other topics that might prove interesting. Tired of searching through dubious videos? Here is a collection of interesting videos that we recommend. While we do not agree with everything in every video, the overall thrust of these videos is worth considering.