Mosque Name: Khirbat al Minya

Country: Israel

City: Khirbat al Minya

Year of construction (AH): 87 AH

Year of construction (AD): 706 AD

GPS: 32°51’56.40"N 35°32’11.72"E


Original Qibla: Petra

Rebuilt facing Mecca never:


Qasr Khirbat al Minya is in Khirbat al-Minya, Israel (also known as ’Ayn Minyat Hisham). This is an Umayyad-built palace located in the eastern Galilee region about 200 meters (660 ft) west of the northern end of Lake Tiberias. It was erected as an Umayyad palace complex with a palace, mosque and bath built by al Walid. (The date of construction is based on an inscription set into a gateway) The palace contained a room that was constructed for the purpose of being a mosque. It was the room with pillars in the bottom right corner. Because it is almost directly north of Petra, the mosque and the entire building points directly at Petra, not Mecca which is southeast. The satellite photo above shows a line drawn from Petra to this structure. The floor plan below was obtained from See also:

The entire structure aligns with a Petra qibla.

The entire structure aligns with a Petra qibla.

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