Mosque Name: Mosque of Bosra

Country: Syria

City: Bosra

Year of construction (AH): 102 AH

Year of construction (AD): 721 AD

GPS: 32°31’16.95"N 36°28’58.70"E


Original Qibla: Between

Rebuilt facing Mecca: never


The Mosque of ’Umar is located in the ancient Nabataean city of Bosra, about 140 km south of Damascus. Although Bosra is known for its famous, still-intact theater, the city also displays strong Islamic (especially Ayyubid) architectural influences. Some of its Islamic monuments include: Hammam Majak, Mosque of al-Khider, Mabrak Mosque, Fatima Mosque and the Mosque of ’Umar. Caliph ’Umar, who led the Muslim conquest of Syria in 636, founded the mosque. It was completed in 720 AD by the Caliph Yazid II, and renovated and expanded in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries by the Ayyubid dynasties who also fortified the theatre and baths. As you can see from the photos the mosque’s orientation does not point towards Mecca or Petra, but Between.





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