Mosque Name: Ḥubrāṣ Umayyad Mosque

Country: Jordan

City: Ḥubrāṣ

Year of construction (AH): 700-799 AD

GPS: 32.672086, 35.841391

Original Qibla: 185.70

Rebuilt facing Mecca: Never


The mosque actually consists of two sanctuaries, a smaller one built within the prayer hall of an earlier one. The earliest mosque dates back to Umayyad times, and remained in use off and on for over a thousand years. The village used this mosque for Friday prayers as well as a place for Quranic instruction. This mosque has arguably the longest history of a place of prayer for Muslim congregations. The first season of excavations was in 2006.

The early Islamic phase of the building is best preserved in the southwest corner of the site and includes the western miḥrāb. There, the lower parts of the walls were cut from the living rock of the surrounding slope, while the upper sections were constructed with distinctive, large scale masonry.

In time past, a minaret was constructed at the northeast end. In the late 19th century a sketch was made showing a square minaret

More information can be found on pages 162-164 in: Islamic Heritage Sites in Jordan, A Student’s Gazetteer, prepared by the MA-Students of The German-Jordanian University, in Architectural Conservation School for Architecture and Built Environment Academic Years, 2017 - 2020, edited by Thomas M. Weber-Karyotakis & Ammar Khammash with Hussein al-Aza‘at, Nader Atiyeh, Catreena Hamarneh, Khairiyeh al-Kukhun & Robert Schick. GJU, Amman 2020

Mihrab in the Qibla wall at Ḥubrāṣ.  Thanks to Nader Atieh for use of this photo.

Mihrab in the Qibla wall at Ḥubrāṣ. Thanks to Nader Atieh for use of this photo.

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