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Mosque Name: Jamia’ al Kabir

Country: Yemen

City: Shibam Aqyan

Year of construction (AH): 257 AH

Year of construction (AD): 871 AD

GPS: 15°30’33.55”N 43°54’10.49”E


Gibson Classification: Jerusalem


This mosque is built on the site of one of the oldest mosques in Yemen. The mosque at this site however, dates to the 12th century AD. This Great Mosque is located in Shibam Aqyan (not to be confused with the Shibam of the Wadi Hadramawt) near Kawkaban, approximately 35 kilometers to the northwest of Sana`a. It is most likely a product of Yu’firid rule in this highland region of Yemen. Before Islam, this was the site of a Himyarite temple. The first mosque on the sire dates to 871 CE. The older original mosque used much of its material from pre-Islamic structures, which were integrated into its design. Since there is little left to demonstrate the original qibla Gibson has classified it as Jerusalem as this is the closest Qibla. However, the mosque Qibla is close to both Jerusalem or Petra than it is to Mecca, and could easily have been a Petra Qibla.

The mosque Qibla

The mosque Qibla

Inside the mosque

Inside the mosque

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