Country: Morocco

City: Tangier

Year of construction (AH): 592

Year of construction (AD): 1196

GPS: 35.785840° -5.809504°


Original Qibla: Parallel


The Great Mosque of Tangier is a nineteenth-century construction that stands in what was once the center of the medina of Tangier. The site of the mosque was formerly the home of several significant religious buildings from various civilizations that previously occupied Tangier, dating back originally to a fifth century Roman church. After the Muslim conquest of Tangier in the eighth century, the church was converted to a mosque by the Marinid Dynasty and remained so until the late fifteenth century. The mosque was replaced by a church during the centuries in which Tangier was under Portuguese and English rule. After Moulay Isma’il recaptured the city for the ‘Alawi dynasty in 1684, the church was once again transformed into a mosque. Sultan Sulayman completely rebuilt the mosque in 1815 due to its poor physical condition, creating the building that stands in Tangier today.





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