Mosque Name: Al-Asha’ir Mosque

Country: Yemen

City: Zabid

Year of construction (AH): 184 AH or 3rd century AH

Year of construction (AD): 820 AD or 9th century

GPS: 14°11’45.32"N 43°18’45.42"E


Original Qibla: Mecca?

Rebuilt facing Mecca: 1486


There are several conflicting reports on the date of this mosque. Wikipedia reports that locally the foundation is credited to Sahabi Abu Musa al-Ash’ari in the year 8 AH or 629 CE and since then this mosque is the first to achieve spiritual and historical status in Yemen. Local tradition narrates that the mosque is fifth oldest mosque in the history of Islam, making it one of the oldest mosques in the world. The mosque underwent several renovations, but the most important additions of which were made during the reign of Sultan Al-Mansour Abdul Wahab bin Dawood in the year 1486, and since then the shape of the mosque remained as it is to this day, as pointed out by the great historian Ibn al-Dhibir in his book In Order to Benefit.

However, Archnet ( dates this mosque to 9th c./3rd c. AH and claims it is an Abbasid mosque. This is based on Finster, Barbara. 1992. An Outline of the History of Islamic Religious Architecture in Yemen. In Muqarnas IX: An Annual on Islamic Art and Architecture. Oleg Grabar (ed.). Leiden: E.J. Brill..

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