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Mosque Name: Ba’ayith

Country: Saudi Arabia

City: Ba’ayith

Year of construction (AD): 750-799

GPS: 26.049907 41.922744

Gibson Classification: unknown


Identifying the Ba’ayith site mentioned by Saudi archaeologists has been difficult. If anyone has the exact GPS coordinates it would be helpful. The coordinates given here were taken from the Israeli Archeological database, but seem to be too far east. The town of Ba’ayth is at: 26.023070° 41.803988°. There seems to be ruins at the old farm at: 26.059581° 41.828001°

The mosque has been dated according to former research as: 750-900 CE. The date is based on historical texts, mosque parallels, inscriptions, datable objects, C14, stratigraphy, construction techniques, stratigraphy and pottery.

There were also blue-green glazed pottery, possibly from the 9th century, and some Chinese pottery, t.p.q. the 9th-10th century. The reports said there was a semicircular Mihrab, but no direction was given.


Mackenzie, Neil D., and al-Ḥelwah, Salāh, 1980. “Darb Zubayda Architectural Documentation Program, a. Darb Zubayda-1979: A Preliminary Report”, Atlal 4: 37-65, pp. 39-40.

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