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Mosque Name: Khirbet Khann al Zabib

Country: Jordan

City: Desert Castle

Year of construction (AH): 93 AH

Year of construction (AD): 712 AD

GPS: 31°30’49.91”N 36° 6’2.63”E

Gibson Classification: Between

Rebuilt facing Mecca: never


Khan el Zabib was one of the stopping places on the old Hijaz railway. Before that it was a caravan stopping place and also part of a line of fortresses (Qasrs). It is located near Qatrana, 35 km to the south of Amman . This caravanserai is 18 km southeast of Khirbet al-Zona and 5 km east of the Desert Highway. Much of the materials and some structures were taken from the remains of a small late Roman town. Although now damaged, just beyond the north-east corner, an Islamic caravanserai may still be seen. It is dated to 712-37 AD. The fort or caravanserai seems not to have been excavated. Bujard argues that, as at Um el-Walid, all of these structures are Umayyad (Kennedy, 2000).

Khann al Zabib Mosque (external to the Qasr) has a rectangular shape (11.20x10.38m2) with two entrances from the north and east sides, with a recess at the southern wall. (Creswell) It faces close to Petra.

Around 7.5 kilometers from Khann al-Zabib is Qasr al Hammam (Al `Amiriyah) (M Bendi website :Qasr Mushash - Ancient Ruin near Al Muwaqqar, Amman, Jordan). The mosque has a semicircular mihrab.

The Qasr is oriented towards the Between Qibla position.

The Qasr is oriented towards the Between Qibla position.

The Mosque Plan. Credit Jacques Bujard

The Mosque Plan. Credit Jacques Bujard

Compare the mosque Qibla with that of the Qasr

Compare the mosque Qibla with that of the Qasr

Mosque Qibla faces Petra

Mosque Qibla faces Petra


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