Mosque Name: Ibra Qiblatain Mosque

Country: Oman

City: Ibra

Year of construction (AH): unknown

Year of construction (AD): 8th century

GPS: 22.701938° 58.527554°

Original Qibla: Petra

Rebuilt facing Mecca: unknown


The history of the arrival of Islam is well known in Oman and dates back to 6 AH, when Mazin bin Ghadouba from Samail returned to his home town after a visit to Mecca. There is a mosque that bears his name in Samail and this is generally considered to be the first mosque in Oman, apparently built on the foundations of the original. But the building we see today is not the original so cannot be considered the oldest mosque building. Indeed there have been several reconstructions, one is recent and another was finished in 1979. However, the modern mosque maintains the two Qiblas. If the worshipers faced the wall (right) that faced northwest, (larger mihrab) then they would pray towards Petra. Those facing the western corner would face towards Mecca. (smaller mihrab in the left corner)

The Masjid Al Qiblatain is the only mosque in Oman that still has the original mihrab (along with the Mecca-oriented Mihrab) plus has retained the whole building. Nowhere else in Oman or the UAE can you enter a mosque that has so many original features still remaining, dating back to the earliest Islamic period.

Below: The Qiblatain Mosque in Ibra

Below: General Views Around Ibra

Below: Drone Flight over Ibra

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