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Day 1: Leviticus 27:1-34, Numbers 1:1-54

Day 2: Numbers 2:1-3:51

Day 3: Numbers 4:1-5:31

Day 4: Numbers 6:1-27, Numbers 10:1-36

Day 5: Numbers 11:1-13:33

Day 6: Numbers 14:1-15:41

Day 7: Numbers 16:1-18:32


WEEK Nine: PREVIEW from Chronological Bible Teaching on Vimeo.

Hard Questions

  1. (Lev. 27) Why are different monetary values assigned to people who are consecrated to the Lord?
  2. (Num. 5:1 -4) “Command the children of Israel that they put out of the camp every leper, everyone who has a discharge, and whoever becomes defiled by a corpse.” Why were all these people outside the camp?
  3. (Num. 5:1 1-31) What’s the idea of a ‘spirit of jealousy’? Why is there no equal practice for the man?
  4. (Num. 6:1 -21) What’s the Nazirite ritual about?
  5. (Num. 11:11 -15) So Moses said to the LORD, “Why have You afflicted Your servant? And why have I not found favor in Your sight , that You have laid the burden of all these people on me?” “Did I conceive all these people? Did I beget them, that You should say to me, ‘Carry them in your bosom, as a guardian carries a nursing child. ‘to the land which You swore to their fathers? Where am I to get meat to give to all these people? For they weep all over me. Saying, “Give us meat, that we may eat.” I am not able to bear all these people alone, because the burden is too heavy for me. If you treat me like this, please kill me here and now - if I have found favor in Your sight - and do not let me see my wretchedness! How can Moses talk like this to God?
  6. (Num. 13:31 -33) Who are these giants? Only in Number 13:33 and Genesis 6:4 do we see references to the nephilim; all of the other references in these books are to the Rephaim, which seems to be a family name from another language than Hebrew, according to Gesenius’s lexicon. It appears to be a family, descended from a man named Anak, whose genetics produced people of a very tall stature, the last of whom was Og king of Sashan. Later on we hear of a man referred to as the “Giant” in Gath, by this same name- Rapha’.
  7. (Num. 5:30-32) What does it mean, for someone to be ‘ cut off from his people”?

WEEK Nine: HARD QUESTIONS from Chronological Bible Teaching on Vimeo.


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