Now you can read through the Bible in 52 weeks. You can do this in your own Bible, and in any language you choose. This website provides the readings for each week. Then there are are three videos to watch during the wrrk to help you understand what you are reading..

  1. Preview video. Watch before you read.
  2. Hard Questions. Watch while you are working your way through the material.
  3. Review. Watch after you have read this week’s readings.

Reading List

There reading list is provided each week on this website.

however, if you would like a year plan, from January 1 - December 31, then you can download it below. Please use the reading on each web page, or use the following reading list to guide you as to what to read every day as you work your way through the Bible. You can read in whatever language is familiar to you. The videos are presented in English. (USA)

Download a reading list in PDF format here. DOWNLOAD MASTER READING PDF

Below: Reading list in jpg format.

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