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Nabateans: Who were they and what made them great?


(22 articles)

For over four hundred years the Nabataeans were the principle merchants of the Middle East. From their capital city of Petra they influenced the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians, connecting them with trade to the far flung parts of the world.

Culture and Religion

(16 articles)

What made the Nabataean culture special? Discover their religious, political and cultural worldview.

Travel and Trade

(25 articles)

Discover the exotic places the Nabataeans traded with, and the variety of products that they offered to those wealthy enough to purchase.

Navigation and Sailing

(6 articles)

The Nabataeans were at home in the deserts with their camel caravans, but they also developed their sailing skills and traded with far off countries and empires.


(33 articles)

The ancient Nabataean city of Petra holds many secrets. Historians are just beginning to uncover the story behind this amazing city. Today thousands of tourists visit this site and stare in awe at the huge funerary monuments. While there are over 1000 monuments in Petra, most people are unaware of the amazing people who built this city, hidden in a valley in Southern Jordan.

Medain Saleh

(5 articles)

This Nabataean city is located in Saudi Arabia, approximately 320 kilometers south of Petra. This Nabataean city has 131 tombs spread out over 13.4 kilometers. The city proper as a siq, walls, towers, water conduits, and cisterns.

Other Cities and Sites

(315 articles)

This is the master list of historical sites which are covered on this website. (Not including Petra and Meda’in Saleh which have their own sections.) Each of the places listed here are found throughout this website site, such as lists of stopping places on trade routes, or mosques built during early Islam.

Biblical Studies

(4 articles)

This section of focuses on Biblical studies from the first lines of Genesis, to the occupation of the Middle East by the forces of the Roman Empire.

Roman Arabia

(7 articles)

Even though the land of Nabataean lay at the farthest end of the Roman Empire, it’s hills and plains contain diverse evidence left behind by this great civilization.

Founding of Islam

(6 articles)

Over the last 20 years, new discoveries are pointing to the founding of Islam taking place in the ancient city of Petra. Check the evidence for yourself and make your own decision.

Ottoman Arabia

(4 articles)

The Middle East lay in the grips of the Ottoman Empire for over a thousand years. As with previous empires, the Ottomans left their unique mark on Nabataea.


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