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2023 Videos

Videos from 2023

01 Introduction to 2023 Videos:

Dan and Chad start a new video series, introducing the book: Let The Stones Speak. This video is subtitled in Hindi, Urdu and Bengali. In YouTube, click the gear wheel and then choose subtitles. …

02 Who are Chad and Dan:

Who are Chad and Dan? Video Contents We would like to introduce ourselves, Dan Gibson and Chad Doell, and explain to you how we came to work together onLet the Stones Speak. Dan Gibson was raised and …

03 The Qibla Database:

Video Contents When people discover Dan Gibson’s research, they often wonder how it all began. How could it be that a subject as antiquated as the first places of prayer of Islam could provide such a …

04 Responses to the Database:

When Dan Gibson first publicly released his earliest qibla data in his 2011 book Qur’anic Geography, he received all manner of responses. Now, after a decade of writing, filming, and studying early …

05 Mosque Development:

Dan and Chad discuss how the Qibla Database can be used to trace the development of mosques over the years, from the simple small Rashidun style to more ornate, and finally congregational mosques. …

06 Why a new book?:

Dan and Chad discuss the reason why a new book was necessary. This book is now free of charge, and can be downloaded from

07 Table of Contents One:

Dan and Chad discuss the first half of the book: Let The Stones Speak. This covers the Online Database, Statistics, how the Qiblas were set, what about Mecca and Umayyad Qasrs.

08 Table of Contents Two:

Dan and Chad discuss the pre-Islamic search for the religion of Abraham and how it impacted Islam, and then how the evidence for early Islam was suppressed. Chad then discusses his chapters on Dr. …

Bob the Builder Interviews Chad and Dan:

Dan Gibson lectures in Calgary Canada:

Dan Gibson: Calgary Lecture A 90 minute lecture given by Dan Gibson in Calgary, Canada, introducing some of the main points found in his book: Let The Stones Speak.