Questions and Answers

Dan Gibson answers questions from viewers related to Archeology and Islam.

Q&A #1 Where were the Romans?:

If Petra is the original Holy City of Islam, why did the Roman army not get involved earlier. Dan Gibson traces the whereabouts of the Byzantine Roman army and explains their use of client tribes to …

Q&A # 2 What About Medina?:

If Petra was the original Holy City of Islam, then what about the city of Medina? Was it also in a different Place? Dan Gibson traces out the history of Medina and the ancient buildings to demonstrate …

Q&A #3 Moving the Black Rock:

How did Ibn Zubayr pick today’s Mecca as a place to move the Black Rock? How did he get so many people to move from Petra? How did they feed them? Dan Gibson answers questions about how and when …

Q&A # 4 Where was Ta'if:

Do descriptions of ancient Ta’if fit the current Ta’if in Saudi? Where was the city wall? Where was the temple of Allat? Dan Gibson suggests a location in Jordan that fits al of the …

Q&A # 5 Why a Cube?:

What is the origin of the Ka’ba? Who was King Tubba? Why was a cube shape used for the Ka’ba? Why is the cube shape special in ancient Petra? Why is it important to the Children of …

Q&A # 6 Abraha and the Elephant:

The Prophet Muhammad was born in the Year of the Elephant. Is this ancient story myth or could it have happened? What do the earliest records tell us? Was Abraha a real person? Did he invade Arabia …

Q&A # 7 The Rahat Mosque:

Are media reports true that say the Rahat mosque is perhaps the oldest mosque in the world? Dan Gibson demonstrates that the Rahat mosque is not the oldest in the world, nor the oldest in Israel, not …

Q&A # 8 Al-Aqsa:

The Qur’an speaks of Al Aqsa over a hundred years before it was built in Jerusalem. So where was the original Al Aqsa described as being in Jiranah?

Q&A # 9 Was Adam a Muslim?:

Several viewers have asked this question. Dan Gibson turns aside from his usual archeology study to address the issue of the existence of Islam before the prophet Muhammad.

Q&A # 10 Where was Shib Abi Talib?:

If Petra is the original city of Islam, then where was Shib Abi Talib? Muhammad’s home was there, and the Muslims were trapped there during the persecution of Islam by the Quraysh. Does Shib Abi …

Q&A # 11 Is the Ka'ba a Shiva Temple?:

Dan Gibson examines the claim that the Ka’ba is actually a Hindu Shiva temple. Why do Hindus see such similarities with Islamic rites?

Q&A # 12 Where was Ghadir Khumm?:

If Petra is the actual Holy City of Islam, then where was Ghadir Khumm located? Dan Gibson explores the history and significance of Ghadir Khumm, and the possible locations near Petra.

Q&A # 13 Umayyad Qasrs?:

Dan Gibson examines over 20 Umayyad Qasrs. Does the Qibla affect their orientation? Why do some Qasrs not have mosques? Why are some Qasrs aligned differently than the mosque immediately outside of …

Q&A # 14 Where was Paran?:

The ancient records tell us that the city of Mecca was located in the Paran wilderness.So where was Paran? Dan Gibson examines ancient manuscripts to set the record straight.