Talking with Dan Gibson Series

Dan Gibson introduces the books he has written, speaks about himself, his research, updates on his activities, finances and Patreon, and the Qibla Tool. This series of videos also includes interviews with Dr. Radsikowski, Bob the Builder, Hatan Tash, Al-Maidah, and others.

Talking with Dan Gibson #1 Introduction:

Video Series: Talking with Dan Gibson This video addresses the question: Who is Dan Gibson. It introduces his background, and a bit about why he is making these videos.

Talking with Dan Gibson #2 - The Nabataeans, Builders of Petra:

Series: Talking with Dan Gibson: A review of Dan Gibson’s book: The Nabataeans, Builders of Petra. This is a look at the Arab merchant empire in Arabia before the time of Muhammad, who was …

Talking With Dan Gibson #3 - Qur'anic Geography:

Dan Gibson discusses his book: Qur’anic Geography, published in 2011

Talking with Dan Gibson #4 Early Islamic Qiblas:

Dan Gibson introduces his book: Early Islamic Qiblas, and explains what is in the book.

Talking with Dan Gibson #5 - Patreon:

Who pays for these videos? You can now support them by giving a monthly amount through Patreon. If you like these videos then please consider giving. Even one dollar a month is helpful. If we can hire …

Talking with Dan Gibson #6 - The Qibla Tool:

Learn how you can examine all of the Islamic mosques from the first 200 years of Islam. This new tool is being updated as new discoveries are being made. Published on Nov 24, 2018

Talking with Dan Gibson #7 - Interview:

Dan Gibson answers questions about: the change of Qibla; Who was first, you or Patricia Crone; what do you think of the book by Andy Bannister, how did the Ka’ba move from Petra to Mecca, what …

Talking With Dan Gibson #8 - Dr Radsikowski Interview:

Dan Gibson interviews Dr. Radsikowski on the probability of mosques facing Petra by chance. Dr. Radsikowski is a mathematician and physicist, graduate of Princeton University.

Talking with Dan Gibson # 9 Unpacking the Petra Scrolls:

Dan Gibson receives a large box, with the five book series The Petra Scrolls, published by ACOR. He unpacks it and talks about checking it out. Filmed in spring 2019. See the next video under …

Talking With Dan Gibson #10 - Education and Summer 2019:

Talking With Dan Gibson # 10 Many people have asked about my education. Here I answer why I do not list my academic qualifications. I plan to take a break during the summer of 2019. I will still be …

Talking With Dan Gibson # 11 I’m Back, Oct 2019 :

Dan Gibson returns after the summer of 2019. The plan is there will be new content this fall, with a new video each week.

Talking with Dan Gibson # 12 Bridge Interview:

Interview by Bridge TV channel

Talking with Dan Gibson # 13 The Christmas Story, as I see it. :

Dan Gibson shares his views of the Christmas Story. December 2019

Talking with Dan Gibson # 14 Carlos Interview :

Dan Gibson is interviewed by Patreon supporter Carlos. If you are a substancial Patreon supporter, you too can appear in a video with Dan Gibson.

Talking with Dan Gibson # 15 Al Ma'idah Interview:

Dan Gibson is interviewed by the Al Ma’idah Initiative

Talking with Dan Gibson # 16 Hatun Tash Interview 1:

Dan Gibson is interviewed by Hatun Tash

Talking with Dan Gibson # 17 Hatun Tash Interview 2:

Dan Gibson’s second live interview with Hatus Tash

Talking with Dan Gibson # 18 Bob the Builder Interview:

Dan Gibson is interviewed live by Bob The Builder

Talking with Dan Gisbon # 19 Archeological Evidence? :

Dan Gibson discussing various aspects of textual and archeological evidence.

Talking with Dan Gibson #20 Introducing

Dan Gibson has totally reworked the old website. It now contains all his videos in a cinema, plus other interesting videos that he has chosen. Every page allows for comments and …

Talking with Dan Gibson #21 Interview: Cross and Crescent Discussion Group:

On August 30th, 2020 The Cross and the Crescent Discussion Group interviewed Dan Gibson. The original can be seen on their website:…The quality of this …