Qibla Story

This series of seven videos by Dan Gibson tells the story of the Islamic Qibla, or direction of prayer.

  1. The Qibla Story - Intro - Why did the first Qibla face Petra?

  2. The Between Qiblas - What and why of this strange phenomena. Why did General Hajjaj build all his mosques facing a very strange direction?

  3. The China Factor - What is the history of Muslims in China and what did they think of the Qibla issue?

  4. The Parallel Qiblas - Why do the mosques of North Africa and Spain face a different direction

  5. The Shame Factor - How did all these Qiblas develop and how did Muslim leaders allow it?

  6. The Medieval Astronomers - Did the later Medieval astronomers come up with the real story of the Qibla, or did they misunderstand as well?

  7. The Qibla Story - Conclusion - Why is the Qibla important, and what can we learn?

The Qibla Story # 1 Introducton:

Part 1/7 What is a Qibla? Where did the first mosques of Islam face?

Qibla Story # 2 - Between Qiblas:

Part 2/7 Why do some moques face a spot in central Arabia and not Mecca? Who was General Hajja, and why did he develop the Between Qibla?

Qibla Story # 3 - The China Factor:

Part 3/7 Do Chinese Muslim traditions and stories reveal the true history of the Qibla? Did Said Ibn Abi Waqqas really emigrate China with the Muhajadin of the true Mecca? Discover what it is all …

Qibla Story # 4 - Parallel Qiblas:

part 4/7 The early mosques of North Africa and Spain face somewhere in Africa. When and how did this practice begin? Who built the first mosque with such a Qibla? Gibson explores the origins of what …

The Qibla Story #5 - The Shame Factor:

Part 5/7 How could the original Qibla be changed without a huge backlash? Or did everyone just all forget at the same time? The answer to this is understanding the Shame Factor. Dan Gibson explains …

The Qibla Story # 6 - Medieval Solutions:

Part 6/7 During medieval times, Muslim scholars tried to determine why early mosques did not face Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Some modern scholars seem to embrace their explanations. Gibson also examines …

The Qibla Story # 7 - The Importance of the Qibla:

Part 7/7 The Qibla Story. The final part of this short series. What about the Ottoman Qiblas? Why do strange Qiblas exist? Why is the Qibla important to Muslims? Dan Gibson concludes by comparing …