Chapter 17

By Chad Doell, July 2020


In 2017 Dr. David A. King self published a series of articles beginning with: “From Petra back to Mecca – From ‘Pibla’ back to Qibla” as a direct critique of Dan Gibson’s book Early Islamic Qiblas. Doell takes the time to trace through King’s arguments, and at the end of the chapter gives his opinion: I believe that Dr. King has so aggressively countered Gibson because of the popular appeal of Gibson’s work. I believe that Dr. King finds the ramifications of Gibson’s theories dangerous. But I believe that Dr. King is aware that his own explanations are quite fragile, especially due to his unsubstantiated claims of 7th century sources regarding astronomical alignments, and his baffling insistence that Gibson’s data is irrelevant because of the use of modern measurements. I believe that as a specialist in a field which has not received “serious attention,” Dr. King is quite unaccustomed to being challenged… if Dr. King would let the stones speak, he may learn to lend his considerable gifts to explaining the data rather than denying it.

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