Mosque Name: Masjid i-Tari Khana

Country: Iran

City: Damghan

Year of construction (AH): 89 AH

Year of construction (AD): 708 AD

GPS: 36° 9’48.91"N 54°21’15.12"E


Original Qibla: Petra

Rebuilt facing Mecca: never


The oldest extant mosque in Iran, the Tarik Khana, or ‘House of God’ incorporates a simple Arab plan with Sassanian construction techniques. An arcade lines the central courtyard, a single bay deep on all but the qibla side where it increases to 3 bays. The central aisle on the qibla arcade is wider and taller than the others, a form that presciently indicates the later ubiquitous monumental axis of Persian architecture. The arcades, recalling Sassanian precedents, are formed of fired brick arches, elliptical and sometimes slightly pointed, and massive circular brick piers.

The original Qibla has now been destroyed, as it did nto face the correct direction, and has been replaced with an angled arch. See: (

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