Mosque Name: Ghayen Mosque

Country: Iran

City: Gayen

Year of construction (AH): 796 AH

GPS: 33.725862° 59.193315°

Original Qibla: 255.1 (Between)

Rebuilt facing Mecca: Never


The mosque standing on this spot was constructed in the year 796 AH and was repaired in the year 1086 AH by Safkosh during the period of Shah Soleiman Safavid. The structure is made of stone and brick and the mosque consists of a courtyard, four porticos and two places for nocturnal prayers (Shabestan). Besides which is the vaulted, arched ceiling worked in colored plaster, porches and written verses which date back to 1263 AH as shown in the inscriptions. The masonry of this structure was accomplished by Karbalaie Isaq Qaeni. The wooden pulpit of this mosque was made by a fine craftsman Ostad Mohammad Moqeem , and is considered to be one of the many samples of magnificent craftsmanship.

Since Muslims were in this area much earlier, it can be assumed that an earlier mosque stood on this spot, and that the Qibla of the current buildings was taken from the earlier mosque.

Inside the mosque

Inside the mosque

Taken outside the mosque

Taken outside the mosque

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