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The Sacred City from Glasshouse Media on Vimeo.
A Pictorial Visit to Yemen
copyright 2003

The Yemeni Country Side

 A village on the top of a mountain ridge  Yemen is a very mountainous country. The mountains are filled with beautiful small villages and farms.
 Looking down onto a remote village  
 These houses have a spectacular view  Many ancient houses and villages were built on the crests of mountains to help protect them from attack.
 Ancient mountain side terracing  A great deal of the country has been terraced and is quite productive.
Rugged mountains and terracing  
Rugged mountains  
A small remote village  
 Remote villages and road cut into the mountainLooking down to a remote village  Sometimes the view can be breathtaking. Other times it can make you dizzy. At other times, it can be somewhat dangerous if you are not good on your feet.
 Stone houses in the south of Yemen  In the south of Yemen, many houses are built of stone. In the north, most are built of mud. (See Sa'ada)
 A great mountain in the center of Yemen  This mountain always reminded us of two ancient elephants that met head to head. Neither one of them would move aside for the other, and so they stood there until they became mountains.
 More remote villages  

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Sa'ada (City in the North)

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