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The Voynich Question
The Voynich Manuscript has often been referred to as the world's most puzzling manuscript. This manuscript has more than 230 pages, written on velveteen, and dates back to the 13th century, when scribes/monks may have copied it from much older sources, possibly copies of copies. No one knows how old it is, what language it is written in, nor what it is about. The links below lead to his research and current thinking. He suspects that this manuscript may have been written originally in the Nabataean or a related language.
The Amazing Ancients The Voynich Question
Mystery Rock  Voynich: Introduction to the Voynich Manuscript
The Flat Earth Myth Voynich:  Physical Composition of the Manuscript
Megaliths Voynich: History of the Voynich Manuscript
Stonehenge Voynich:  The Layout of the Manuscript
Atlantis Voynich: The Text, Language and Illustrations
Ancient Time Piece Voynich: A Possible Middle Eastern Connection
Bahrain Voynich: Plants found in Nabataea
Zimbawe Who Discovered the New World?
Ancient Pueblo Dwellers Saharah Desert's Changing Climate