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The Voynich Question

If the manuscript is indeed written in a script similar to Nabataean, (right to left) then the front of the book is actually the back of the manuscript. With this in mind, the layout of the manuscript would be as follows:
 1  Introduction: 14 pages long (Page 116v - 103)
 2  Herbs and their uses? 102 - 87 (pages 98-97, 91-92, not available)
 3  Text and charts of the winds and the effects of the moon? 86v6 - 85r1
 4  A pre-Islamic folktale of naked nymps in water pipes (85r1-75r)
   The narrative seems to start near the bottom of 85r1
   84r clearly shows naked maidens squeezing grapes.
 5   Twelve pages about rotations (possibly years or zodiacs) (73r-70v1)
   70v1 Circle of the Goat?
   70v2 Circle of the Fish?
   71v Circle of the White Goat/Oryx?
   71r Circle of the White Goat?
   72r1 Circle of the Black Goat/Oryx?
   72r2 Circle of Marriage or Courtship?
   72r3 Circle of Insects?
   72v1 Circle of Scales?
   72v2 Circle of Scholar?
   72v3 Circle of Tiger?
   73v Circle of the Warrior?
   73r Circle of the Cat (Black animal)?
 6  Circles of Earth and Nature (70r2 - 67r1)
   70r2 Circle, Possibly the sun?
   70r1 Circle, possibly the earth and its circumference & 9 land masses?
   69v Circle, possibly 28 things from the earth?
   69r Circle, possibly 12 things radiating from the earth?
   68v3 Circle of 8 things radiating from a swirling core?
   68v2 Circle of 8 things radiating from a flower (poinsettia?)
   68v1 Circle of 8 things radiating from a center with a face?
   68r3 Circle of stars radiating from a face?
   68r2 Stars in the sky? Southern Hemisphere?
   68r1 Stars in the sky? Northern Hemisphere?
   67v2 Unknown Chart
   67v1 Circle of 17 spokes radiating from the sun?
   67v2 Circle of 12 sections radiating from the earth, (moons?)
   67r1 Circle, very similar to 68v1
 7  Pages about plants (66v-1r) and their uses.

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