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Nabataean Travels

Just how far did the Nabataeans travel? While evidence is scant, members are starting to send in evidence of Nabataeans in far off distant places. Some of the pages below contain carefully researched information, some contain a lot of speculation, but never the less, it is an interesting study.This is one of the areas of that will continue to grow over the next months as new research continues to be sent to us.

 Nabataeans and Africa

 Nabataeans and China

 Nabataeans in the Arab Gulf

 Nabataeans in Turkey

 Nabataeans and India

 Nabataeans in Italy

 Nabataeans in Rhodes

 Nabataeans and Sri Lanka

Nabataeans in Antarctica?

Foreign Items in Nabataea

The Ancient Maritime Sea Route

Who were the ancient Arab Sea Traders?

 Southern Arabia


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