Documentary Film based on Gibson's book: Qur'anic Geography


The Sacred City from Glasshouse Media on Vimeo.



Table of Contents
 Chapter One  Who Were the Nabateans?
 Chapter Two  Nabataeans in History Part I 300 BC - 26 BC
 Chapter Three  Nabataeans in History Part II 26 BC - 40 AD
 Chapter Four  Nabataeans in History Part III 40 AD - present
 Chapter Five  Nabataeans on the High Seas
 Chapter Six  The Incense Trade
 Chapter Seven  The Spice Trade
 Chapter Eight  Other Trade Items
 Chapter Nine  Nabataeans and the Oil Industry
 Chapter Ten  The Southern Arabian Kingdoms
 Chapter Eleven Nabataean Economics
 Chapter Twelve  Nabataean Sites and Cities
 Chapter Thirteen  Nabataean Defenses
 Chapter Fourteen  The Nabataean Pantheon
 Chapter Fifteen  Nabataean Burial Practices
 Chapter Sixteen  Nabataean Culture
 Chapter Seventeen  Nabataean Language
 Chapter Eighteen Desert Life
 Chapter Nineteen  The Price of Honor
 Chapter Twenty  Architectural Glory
 Chapter Twenty One  Byzantine Influence
 Chapter Twenty Two  Nabataean Sites Today
 Appendix A Timeline
 Appendix B  Ancient Historians
 Appendix C  Notable Internet Sites
 Appendix D   Bibliography








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