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 The Nabataeans
Builders of Petra
This is the book that started all this. Written in an easy fluid style, this book is for both the amateur and professional historian. Chapters topics cover Nabataean history, trade, economics, religion, culture, and architectural achievements.
Discover amazing things about the nomadic culture of the Middle East, and the factors that molded the Nabataeans into a great civilization. Click on the picture (left) to learn more about this book. Click on the icon (right) to order it. BOOK $18.69 plus S&H

 The Nabataeans
Builders of Petra
Now you can download Dan Gibson's book in PDF file format for only $ 5.00. Why wait for the book to be shipped to you when you can have it today?


Nabataea on CD


Nabataea on CD
Over 3000 pictures, hundreds of thousands of words, indexes, plus a free copy of the ebook: The Nabataeans, Builders of Petra by Dan Gibson. CD-ROM, $20.00 including shipping and handling 
 Hedjaz Railway CD
 Hedjaz Railway CD
Over a thousand photos, indexes, multi-media, information and more. CD-ROM, $20.00 including shipping and handling 

Now you can become a Nabataean caravan merchant! Can you make your fortune buying and selling in Ancient Arabia? Race other Nabataean traders who also want to become the most powerful merchants in Petra! Beat them all, and build the Treasury monument! Download this exciting board game for only $5.00. GAME
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A Nabataean military general was called a Strategos. Now you can play the part of a Strategos, or a Roman general as you battle it out for victory. This is a two player card game that will be fun for the whole family. Now you can download the PDF files, and print out the cards on your computer. Why wait for weeks when you can have the game right now, for $5.00 CARD GAME Download

 Petra's Secrets
A children's educational activity book that focuses on the Nabataean people. Over 40 pages of activities, including a "color your way through the history of the Nabataeans." This book includes a complete 'pull out section' with the full color Caravans board game. Now you can play the role of a Nabataean merchant and race your way to your fortune.
CHILDREN'S BOOK $20.00 including shipping and handling

David J. Gibson spent many years searching for the Garden of Eden. As a Bible believing Christian he was convinced that the Garden of Eden was an actual place, and that the Bible provides us clues as to its location. Beginning with the Biblical account, David draws a map of Eden and then searches the Middle East for clues of it's location. Maps, satellite images, geology, and more. E-BOOK Download for $ 5.00


Petra, The Game
We appologize that this game has taken so long to be released. It spent over a year at Mayfair Games, rising in their competition, until it was eventually eliminated just before they chose which new games they would release. While this is bad news for us, it is good news for you. Now you will be able to purchase a "print and play" version of this game. After you pay, download the PDF file and print it. Then cut out the pieces, and start to play. We guarantee hours of great fun. Click on the picture (let to learn more). Click on the icon (right) to download and play. $10.00

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