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 Long ago during the time of the Roman Empire, the Nabataeans built their own empire in the deserts of Arabia. By controlling the city of Damascus, the desert caravans, and also the Red Sea, the Nabataeans controlled all trade between the Romans and the Far East. Everything that came down the ancient Silk Road passed through Nabataean tax collectors in Damascus. Every camel caravan that crossed the Arabian desert was taxed by the Nabataeans. On the Red Sea, the Nabataeans taxed everything that passed through their ports. In this way they grew wealthy and powerful.

This made the surrounding civilizations jealous of their success. On several occasions, the Greeks, Romans, and even the Jews attempted to attack the Nabataeans. Each time they were either defeated, or bought off with expensive gifts. The Nabataeans were quick to defend themselves, and used camel cavalry, sometimes with two riders, each shooting arrows!
 Now, in this game, you can command the Nabataean forces as they face the Romans. (Or you can command the Romans as they face the Nabataeans.) Each player in this two-player game commands an army, and decides which units to commit to the current battle. Can you outwit your opponent? But be careful, you will need to know when to dig in and fortify, and when to send in the cavalry. Or perhaps even call in the catapults. And if things get really bad, you may have to rely on your secret weapon. But be careful, your enemy has a formidable army as well, and he may be just as skilled at knowing when to commit his troops.



 You can play the part of a Roman General, or as a Nabataean Strategos. (That's where we got the name from.) Each side has powerful military units and various ploys. Now you can develop your own strategies and pit them against those of your friends.

Strategos is available for download. It comes as an Adobe Acrobate File which you must print out on your color printer. There are 16 pages in the file, but only pages 2 - 12 are required for playing the game. It is best if these are printed in color onto cardstock and then cut out.

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