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In 2006 Google Earth significantly improved their map resolution, making it possible for archeologists and historians to explore remote parts of the Middle East for ancient ruins. As researchers and readers have located historically significant sites in the Nabataean Region using Google Earth, the links have been shared with others through this webpage. If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, and then follow these links, you can get an aerial view of many of the historical sites that we mention on this website.

First, make sure that you have installed Google Earth on your computer. You will need to be running Windows XP or better, or Mac OS X (10.3.9 +) or better. Google Earth is a broadband, 3D application that not all computers can run. You will need a good graphics card and a fast internet connection. Generally desktop computers older than 4 years old, and notebook computers older than 2 years old may not be able to run it. If you can get it to run, the results are truly spectacular. You can download Google Earth by visiting this site:

Once Google Earth is working on your computer, Click on the photo. Google Earth should open, and go to the site in the photograph. If this does not work, then right click the photo and then "Save link as..." and save the link on your computer. Then click the link from where you saved it on your compute, and it should direct Google Earth to the location in the photograph.

You may also click on the description under the photograph to be taken to the webpage on that describes what is in the photograph.


New sites are regularly added to this page. Please check back soon.

Sites in Southern Jordan/Nabataea/Edom
Qarna Edomite fort and village
Nasri village
Al Betra fort
Thalaja Fort
Naqab Fort
El Mareiga Fort
Abu Lissan Cavalry Fort
Abu Lissan Valley Village
Abu Lissan Turkish Fort
Abu Lissan house and graves
Humaima Springs
Byzantine Village
Wadi Rum Temple
The Arab Wall (South End)
The above link will take you to a set of markers all along the wall. The rest of the markers in this section are taken from this master file.
Qarna Edomite fort and village
(The wall begins here in the south, at this fort along the edge of the Naqab Escarpment.)
Abu Lissan Cavalry Fort the next major stop along the wall going north
Hill top towers on the Arab Wall
El Mareiga Fort, the next major fort on the wall, going north. There are several pointers to the wall between these sections.
Hill top tower with yard for horses/animals. Probably a cavalry station on the wall.
Buildings on the Arab wall. Possibly a barracks.
An extension of the wall runs along a hill top surrounded by extensive valleys. It ends with a small tower.
Stations on the Hejaz Railway
Makheet Station
AbuAnam Station
Buwayr Station
Istabl Antar Station
Mabrakat Al Naqah Station
Madain Salih Station footer (Nabateans)