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The Nabataeans, Builders of Petra


How can I possibly thank all those who have helped me over the last twenty years as I have traced the Nabataean Kingdom through the various countries of the Middle East? The list of names would be far too long, but special thanks must be given to Dr. George Kelsey, Dr. Dieter Kuhl, and Dr. Philip C. Hammond for their help with the technical and historical aspects of this book. Special thanks must also go to my sons Michael, Matthew, and Josiah and also to my daughter Julie. They were not only willing to spend several years of their teenage lives in a small village in the south of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, but they willingly accompanied me on many exploratory trips across the desert, over mountains and down to the depths of tremendous gorges. Their sharp eyes and quick feet often beat me to new sites and they never seemed to tire of discovering ancient ruins, inscriptions, or even pottery shards.

Another friend that must be mentioned is John Krahn, of Neuanlage Saskatchewan, Canada, who kept CanBooks running smoothly. Along with this, John used his unique hobby of reading ancient historians to give timely advice; not to mention hours spent in libraries searching for tidbits of information that I requested.

Thanks must also go to His Excellency Dr. Taleb Rifai, the Minister of Tourism in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and each of his helpful staff who cooperated with CanBooks in a number of projects, including the research that went into this book.

And of course, special thanks must go to my wife Mary, who not only endured my obsession with old ruins and dusty treks, but who has faithfully stood with me during these last years of research and writing in the deserts of southern Jordan.

And of course there is Bryan Wyllie who faithfully checks my manuscripts, duly pointing out the grammar and spelling mistakes that word processors could never find.

Dan Gibson


In The Nabataeans, Builders of Petra, Dan Gibson introduces us to the Nabataean people, their history, and their culture. Then breaking away from the traditional hype about the ancient city of Petra and ancient tombs, he explores the relatively unknown maritime side of Nabataean trade, introducing us to the many ports of call and cargo items that Nabataean ships carried. Gibson then takes us into the eastern world of honor and shame and explains to us the powerful sociological factors that molded the Nabataean people into a great civilization. This is all done in an easy to ready, captivating style that makes this a fascinating book about a fascinating people. Discover how wide and extensive ancient trade really was. Learn how important oil was to the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Rome, even to the point of causing wars. Follow the Nabataean caravans and trading ships to distant locations. Discover how the Nabataean people not only survived in the middle, but thrived as a civilization, acquiring massive fortunes at the expense of the Mediterranean and Asian empires, while maintaining only a token army. And most importantly, appreciate how the Nabataeans brought east and west together in a unique civilization that managed to rise above the traditions of the desert to build one of the greatest ancient cities of their time, the famous city of Petra, hidden away in the cleft of a mountain. If you like history, then you will love this book. CanBooks Publishers $18.69 CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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