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Children's Educational Activity Book that teaches history

 Now your child can learn about the ancient Nabataean civilization and the famed city of Petra, often called the eighth wonder of the ancient world.


Petra's Secrets includes a full size, full color boardgame! Now you can become a Nabataean caravan merchant! See if you can make your fortune. Now you can buy and sell and build a trading empire. But be careful, other Nabataean traders are also competing with you, and they want to become the most powerful merchants in Petra! Learn more about this amazing game that's included free! Caravans

  • Spot the difference
  • Break the code
  • Learn the Nabataean alphabet
  • Color!
  • Word Puzzles
  • Scrambled messages
  • Brain Twisters
 Petra's Secrets contains a host of different activities. Each page introduces the reader to another aspect of the city of Petra and the Nabataean people.


Petra's Secrets is available exclusively from CanBooks, and in local bookstores in Jordan.



Petra's Secrets was printed at the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf in Jordan and is available in bookstores in the country of Jordan.

 Now children can color their way through the story of the Nabataeans, learn to write in Nabataean script, solve puzzles, and explore Nabataean art through coloring, dot to dot, color by number and more!

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