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Is Petra in Biblical Prophecy?

For many years now, there has been a popular theory among some Bible believing people that Petra holds a special place in Biblical prophecy. This idea has permeated many sectors of Christianity, and has left us puzzled as to it's origin. After some research we believe we have discovered the source of this interesting, if not somewhat controversial theory. It seems that it all began with a man in the USA, known as W. E. Blackstone. This man was so certain that Petra would be the secret hideout of Jews escaping from the Battle of Armageddon, that he invested $8000.00 (in the 1920's) to place boxes of Bibles in all of the caves in Petra, so that the Jews would have some interesting reading when they were hiding from the ravages of war. This idea was picked up by Joseph Hoffman Cohn of the American Board of Missions to the Jews and published in a small booklet titled: The Man from Petra. We have now obtained a copy of this book, and have reproduced it in full on The first part of the book deals with Cohn's theory of how the Battle of Armageddon will take place and how the Jews will use the ancient city of Petra as a hideout during the war. The most interesting part of the book comes on pages 16 and 17. I'm sure you will find it interesting reading. If you want to access all of this small booklet, please click here: The Man from Petra.


The following links lead to pages that present various theories about the city of Petra being in Biblical prophecy. does not support or refute any of these views, they are simply presented for your information. We do note however, that Petra as a city name, is not specifically mentioned in the Bible. All other interpretations require reading the name of Petra into various verses of the Bible. This is just a partial list of the many sites on the internet that present their particular twist on the Petra connection to Biblical prophecy.

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