Documentary Film based on Gibson's book: Qur'anic Geography


The Sacred City from Glasshouse Media on Vimeo.


Pre-Islamic Gods in Arabia

See Gibson's Book: Qur'anic Geography

Nabataean Culture   Clothing
Desert Life   Coins
 The Price of Honor   Pottery
 Honor and Shame in a Middle Eastern Setting   Writing
 Nabataean Graffiti   The Multi-Alphabet Theory
 Writing Chart (Arabic base)  Writing Charts (German, English) 
 The Petra Scrolls  The Cave of Letters 
 Nabataean Pantheon of Gods  Burial Practices
 Block Gods  Nabataean Zodiac
 Making Sense of Middle Eastern Religion  Forms of Worship
 Deifying Leaders  Pre-Islamic Gods in Arabia

Pre-Islamic Arabia Menu The People of 'Ud
Pre-Islamic Gods in Arabia Arabia before Muhammad
Salalah, Al Baleel, Zofar?  The Kingdom of Tham'ud
Shisr (Ubar?) Job's Tomb, Salalah
Khor Rori, Sumhuram  Sacred Direction