Long ago, perhaps many centuries before the Nabataeans took over the land, a small wall was built, stretching from Wadi Hasa in the north to the Naqab escarpment in the south. Along this wall, forts, towers, and fortified towns were connected to protect Nabataea from an eastern attack.

This wall created the eastern border of Nabataea, and is one of the least known archeological wonders in the modern Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. In the pages of Nabataea.net you can learn more about this amazing historical wonder as well as many other locations in Nabataea.

Most important of all, in these pages you will learn about the Nabataean people, where they came from, where they traveled, and how they lived. There are lots of suprises in these pages, for the Nabataeans were not an ordinary people. They were heros that traveled the globe, bringing riches and fame to their homeland: Nabataea.

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