Over the years, writers have created many fictional worlds where their characters move and their plots unfold. Some of these fictional worlds have become household names in the last few years. Places like Middle Earth, Dune, the Galactic Empire and others have all been developed in the minds of successful writers. Nabataea is similar to these worlds, in that it is a place where characters move and plots unfold. But unlike the fictitious places mentioned above, Nabataea was a real place, where real heroes and villains moved and struggled. Almost exactly two thousand years ago it was one of the richest and most exciting places to be, on the face of the whole world.

About 300 years before Christ, an Arab tribe of merchants moved out of the deserts of Arabia into the ancient land of Edom. Most of the Edomites had left, due to the migration of peoples during the reign of Nebadcadnezar in Babylon. As the Nabataeans slowly expanded their realm, they became the masters of the Negev and the ancient Edomite homeland. Soon this area became known as Nabataea, and from this new base, the Nabataeans began acquiring wealth and building a merchant empire. Their camel caravans crossed Arabia and their ships plied the Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and even the Indian Ocean. Eventually Nabataean merchants and explorers would visit almost every known place on the globe.

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 Unfortunately, because of the fame of the Roman Empire, and the present-day focus of the world on the political and religious activities in the Holy Land, Nabataea has been all but forgotten. But no longer. Now, through this web site, and through the books and games that we offer, you can not only discover the wonderful world of the Nabataeans, but you can re-live some of it's excitement and discover some of it's long past glory! Perhaps you may even choose to delve into the dark secrets that the people of Nabataea fought so desperately to conceal from the rest of the world...

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