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In 629 AD, the armies of Islam came out of Arabia and clashed with the Byzantine army at Mu'tah in south Jordan. They were initially repulsed, but attacked again, and the Byzantines were defeated at the Battle of Yarmuk in August 636. The Islamic generals marched on to Damascus and established the Umayyad Caliphate in 661 AD.

During the Umayyad period (661 - 750 AD), Petra was on the direct route to Mecca, and had some prosperity. When the Abbasid dynasty transferred the capital to Baghdad in 750 AD, the city sharply declined.

There seems to have been a serious earthquake in 747 AD which destroyed the city of Jerash, and caused extensive damage throughout Jordan and Palestine. It is assumed that the final citizens of Petra, if there were any left, abandoned the city at that time. By this time, most of the other Nabataean cities had disappeared from historical record as well

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