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The Qusus Manuscript

Recently a manuscript changed hands in the Middle East (Feb 2003) that contains a script similar to that found in the VMS. This manuscript was obtained by Dr. Nayyif Qusus of Amman Jordan and is currently located in his personal collection at the Neumistic Museum in Amman. Dr. Qusus holds a Phd in Early Islamic Coins. This manuscript came to the attention of a reader and a photocopy of a single page from the manuscript was passed on to us on April 30th 2003. The Manuscript was obtained by Dr. Qusus around February 2003 (pre-Iraq war). It is around 1/2 thick, with a leather cover. It contains only text, and no illustrations. This manuscript has never been traslated, but it appears to be written in old Javanese. To compare the text in the Qusus Manuscript with the text in the Voynich Manuscript click here. To learn more about old Javanese click here.

It is possible to view the Voynich Manuscript by visiting this web page:

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