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Rules and Links for the Ancient Mancala Game

Well, this game I've played myself. And was beaten every time! It is possible to get the rules from a number of sources online (listed below). Try Brian Casey's site, for example, and play online. While there are various versions of the game, the concept is to start with pieces in each of the places. Most players place one mover in the first space, and then two in the second space and three in the third space until there are eight in the eight place. When play begins, the players pick up all the movers in a single spot and move them, by depositing them, one at a time in the spots in front of them. All play moves clockwise. When the players reach the end of a row, a piece is put in the end bin, and then around the next side until all the pieces are played. Players each control one side of the board. The concept is to see who can move all the pieces of their side of the board first. Well, that's a pretty poor description, so you should check out the sites below and get better instructions.
For more on Mancala boards, see "Mancala Board Games" by Alexander J. De Voogt, British Museum Press, 1997, (see page 23 for the above 4 x 26 board).
(e-books on riddles in science, easy to read and hard to forget) by H. Peter Aleff.
African Games and Links from Edward Brisse
 Play Mancala on-line
from Brian Casey
 Mancala Games from Hans Bodlaender
Lots of links and info
 Mancala Boards of the British Museum
by Patty A. Hardy
Museum and Archive of Games in Ontario
More info from another excellent museum
Trade Games.Com
The Online Guide to Traditional Games

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