Documentary Film based on Gibson's book: Qur'anic Geography


The Sacred City from Glasshouse Media on Vimeo.




Brown University, Dr. Martha Sharp Joukowsky
St. Francis Xavier University, Dr. Burton McDonald
University of Helsinki (Aaron's Tomb)
American Expedition to Petra
Istituto Universitario Orientale di Napoli
The Nabataean Temple of Puteoli Project (Italy)
ACOR (Petra Scrolls Update)
Archeology Magazine
University of Victoria J.P. Oleson
Smithsonian/SaudiArabia Site on Ancient Scripts
Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research
The Wadi Arabah Project
Other History Related Web Sites
History of Writing
History of Glass Beads
Ancient Coins, Including Nabataean
The FORVM Classical Numismatics Discussion Board
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Official Page
The Khazneh at Petra, Palestine Exploration Fund article
Web Based Resources: Links to hundreds of sites and journals
Web Based Resources: Ancient History
Oriental Institute Research Archives

The Perseus Digital Library
(Many ancient
classics now in searchable format)

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