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By David J. Gibson
A surprising solution to a long standing intriguing problem.
Could the Edomites have been the ancient Hyksos who invaded Egypt? Could they be one and the same people? This book was first published in 1962 under the title “Whence Came the Hyksos, Kings of Egypt.” It has been revised and updated and is now available from Starting Point Books, under the title "Edom and the Hyksos." It is no longer available as a series of web pages on These materials have also been further investigated by David Gibson's son Dan, and are included in a new scholarly book that proposes that the Edomites, Hyksos and the People of 'Ad, (frequently mentioned in the Qur'an) are all one and the same people. This book is titled: Qur'anic Geography, and links to where you can buy this amazing book are at the bottom of this website.
Table of Contents
 Chapter One  The Enormous Hyksos Empire
 Chapter Two  The Mixed Origin of the Edomites
 Chapter Three  The Birth of the Kingdom of Edom
 Chapter Four  The Book of Job
 Chapter Five  The Hyksos-Edomite Empire
 Chapter Six  The Hyksos Used Horses
 Chapter Seven  Religion and Date of Edomite Empire
 Chapter Eight  Where Did They Go?
 Chapter Nine  Further Considerations
 Appendix 1  End Notes
 Appendix 2  Earliest Horses in Egypt
 Appendix 3  Hyksos Influence in Canaanite Cities
 Appendix 4  Comparison Table
 Appendix 5  Chronological Table
 Appendix 6  Maps
 Appendix 7  Bibliography

Edom and the Hyksos

by David J. Gibson
Published by CanBooks
ISBN: 978-0-9733642-6-2
Available from Starting Point Books

David J. Gibson compares the ancient Edomite Kingdom with the mysterious Hyksos people who invaded Egypt. He provides many thought provoking ideas and some startling conclusions. Well researched and well written. This is a must for any scholars of the Old Testament. Much of this material has been re-edited and republished in Qur'anic Geography, complete with footnotes and updates from current research and history.

Available as a download able E-Book for $5

 Qur'anic Geography

by Dan Gibson
Published by Independent Scholars Press
ISBN: 978-0973364286
Available from Starting Point Books

This is a scholarly reference book which covers topics such as: The People of 'Ad, People of Thamud, Midianites, tribes in Arabia, Medina and Mecca. There is detailed information on this book at other websites like and also the publisher's website: Independent Scholars Press. This book contains all that in in Edom and the Hyksos, as well as more recent research finding, plus similar information about other people mentioned in the Qur'an. This book has over 400 pages, plus many maps and photos. It is hard-bound, has library binding, and is a must for every academic library or scholar of Middle Eastern History.

Available from Starting Point Books $ 30 plus shipping. header with menus